Finance and Funding available for all aspects of your business

Whatever your type of business, or size of business, we have loan facility options to cover anything a business could possibly require in most countries around the world. Just contact us and tell us what you need and we’ll quickly tell you whether it’s possible and often give you a number of options!

* Invoice Finance – Whether ‘Invoice Discounting’ of any sort or ‘Factoring’, we have a number of resources available.

* Single Invoice Financing – Our resources can even offer invoice financing for a single invoice, without having to sign a long term contract. Single Invoice Financing can help you when you have an order from a client and need to finance its fulfilment and delivery.

* Project Funding – We have a number of funds for every type of project you might become involved in. Whether it’s a complete ‘ground-up’ project, or any part of a project in any country, within any industry, we have funds to cover it.

* Property Funding – Whether a new build project or refinancing property, or raising finance against established projects, we have various funds to suit.

* Overdrafts – Overdrafts of various sorts, including ‘rolling overdrafts’ available for short term back up to your normal overdraft.

* Grants & Subsidies – Grants are always nice to receive as they don’t need to be repaid and subsidies are a cheap source of finance. We have full access to over 3,000 grants and subsidies available within Europe. We also have access to many grants and subsidies in the USA, Africa, some in Asia and other parts of Europe. Grants and subsidies can cover all types of businesses and projects. Just let us know what you’re planning to do – before you begin doing it – and we’ll tell you what might be available to you. Just be sure to let us know before you begin your project as very few grants will be awarded retrospectively.

* Crowd Funding / Funding Circles – Your access to various ‘Crowd Funding’ groups.

* General Business Loans – available for both long term and short term needs.

* Equity and Debt Placement Funds –

* USA 144A Funding –

* International (The Bond Programme) Funding –

* Aircraft (including Helicopter) Financing – Funding for the purchase or leasing of aircraft and loans against aircraft collateral.

* Wages Rolling Funds Facility – This is a special facility to cover cashflow when paying the monthly wages.

* Charity Funds –  for unemployed or disadvantaged to start their own businesses.
Available for: UK

* Publicly Traded Securities Funding – These are ‘Non-Recourse’ loans which can be structured to be provided against any companies publicly traded securities.

* Export Finance – More and more businesses than ever are exporting now. However, any overseas order can mean that your cashflow can be stretched as you prepare the order and then have to cover the shipping costs and other delays until the client pays for the goods. Our  funding covers all exports and delivery, order by order.

* Import Financing – You may be importing salable goods from overseas, or importing raw materials or components to manufacture your products. These goods, components, raw materials, etc. all need financing, as does the shipping. Our funding covers it all.

* Leasing Finance – Very competitive options if you are leasing or renting anything at all for your business.

* Mergers & Acquisitions Funding – Whether you’re looking to merge with or acquire a business, or perhaps need funding for a Management Buy-Out or perhaps a strategic Joint Venture? We have a number of funds which will fund you.

* Commodities Transactions – Small or Large commodities transactions can be very costly and will often require some rather imaginative funding to cover every facet of the transaction. We have a few special funds for all of it.

* General Business Loans – We don’t only have funds for the more ‘exotic’ loans, but also handle the ‘bread and butter’ type loans you’re more familiar with and which you might traditionally have approached your bank over. We cover them all. .

Feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we’ll quickly be in touch.