When you’re running a business, it can often feel like an inordinate amount of your time is spent in juggling cash available, often under various time constraints.

With nearly 50 separate funds available to us, with half being global funds based in London, New York, Cape Town, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai and Qatar, we can always access a fund which potentially suits your requirements. Contact us.

Also, as we’re totally independent and not limited to working with a single funding group, bank, or finance house, we’re not going to squeeze and force you to fit somebody’s limited requirements, but will select the fund which best meets your requirements from our 50 different funds!

Having this wide and varied range of funds available, with pots totalling billions, there will always be a higher chance that there will be something to meet your requirements and also means that we will often be able to give you more than one option, so that you can choose between a number of different offers!

Contact us to give you direction on your finance & funding requirements.